In May 2020, Purpose was Pragmatic

Three months after the onset of COVID-19 (and six months after our catastrophic bushfires), we asked 1,535 Australians about their expectations of Australian businesses. They told us concern about the economy is up, and concern about climate is down – way down. They’re watching for employers who look after employees and customers first, not shareholders. They want organisations to behave with practical Purpose, and if they don’t… well, they’ll remember.

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In mid-2020, purpose in Australia is getting even more pragmatic.

Australians want clear purpose - not “purpose” - from businesses.

We’re in a pandemic. We want business to take direct action, to do what they’re supposed to do. Australians have doubled-down on our 2019 Purpose Premium findings.

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Beyond basic success, reputation is built on:


Environmental, philanthropic,
“purpose-driven”. Is their business helping?


Purpose and the Pandemic: Rapid Change.
Is your business helping?

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This means jobs up, climate down

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A reputation pand-ilemma is just ahead.

As we emerge from panic mode and approach a grinding recession, decisions business leaders make now will have long-term impacts on reputation. Many businesses will face what is effectively a “pand-ilemma”.

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